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Founded on a remote island in northern Norway, Arktous® Jewelry draws its creative inspiration from the untamed and untouched landscapes that embrace it. Our roots are deeply intertwined with the spirit of Norwegian exploration, resilience, and the audacious adventures that have shaped this land.

At Arktous®, our mission is crystal clear: to craft exquisite and meaningful pieces that encapsulate the fusion of opulence, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of adventure. Whether commemorating milestones or accentuating life's journey, Arktous® offers a tangible representation of one's unique path.


"Symbol of Triumph"

Our slogan encompasses the very essence of our brand. Your journey is marked not only by its destination but by the countless victories along the way. Arktous® Jewelry is your companion in celebrating these triumphs, and we are honored to be part of your narrative.


We believe that every individual embarks on a heroic journey, filled with challenges, triumphs, and the beauty of life's adventures. Arktous® aspires to inspire wearers not only to embrace these challenges but to celebrate every stride along their path, radiating strength and resilience. 

Beyond adornment, Arktous®'s jewelry becomes artifacts of the wearer's heroic journey.


Our hope is that you the wearer will look at your Arktous® pieces and not only see exclusive materials, and master craftsmanship, but also the journey the materials had to go through to become what they are.


The Symbol of Arktous originates from The North Star which has guided many explorers before us through life for thousands of years.


Arktous (Arctos - a descriptor for species related to the northern polar region)


We find inspiration in explorers who changed the world, not just for their journeys but for their mindset in facing challenges and pursuing dreams. We're dedicated to sourcing exclusive materials worldwide, guided by 'The Arktous Promise.


On the path to greatness, obstacles are inevitable. Our philosophy is to help you accentuate your journey's high points. Our base bracelets serve as a canvas for your 'map of meaning,' representing life's challenges and obstacles as you move forward.


We truly believe that each and everyone of us ia capable of changing the world for the better by being conscious of the choices we make.

Read more about Arktous® promise to contribute to a better world.

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