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Arktous® was founded by Lasha and Tornike Nebunishvili. Growing up on a small island in the Northern part of Norway in an harsh and unforgiving environment surrounded by the Northern lights, the midnight sun and breathtaking fjords we have been inspired by the rich history of Norwegian explorers and a proud Viking heritage to create a jewelry brand that encapsulates the essence of Norwegian exploring, endurance and pioneering. 


In the essence of the many explorers before us we are committed to seek and source the most exclusive materials in the world and with focus on craftsmanship and design we strive to achieve mastery. It is essential to us to be proud of every piece we offer to you.




We believe that a persons character both comes to light and is forged under pressure. In this we think that  humans and precious gems are alike. We believe that every human being is an uncut gem that through heat and pressure takes it´s true shape inside out.

Jewelry like other wearables is a tool that manifests and projects ones Character.

Like any precious gem and metal so do humans go through a journey that shapes and defines them.
Through our Jewelry you have the possibility to emphasize the Journey in its entirety or at a single occasional level you as an individual go through. It is often these single occasions that make the journey worthwhile and memorable. Arktous® offers a possibility to manifest your Journey through our jewelry.


Our hope is that you the wearer will look at your Arktous® pieces and not only see exclusive materials, and master craftsmanship, but also the journey the materials had to go through to become what they are.


The Symbol of Arktous originates from The North Star which has navigated many explorers before us, through life for thousands of years.


Arktous (Arctos - a descriptor for species related to the northern polar region)


We look to the many explorers before us and recognize how they changed the world. Being inspired by explorers is for us, not so much about the oceans they crossed, the poles they reached or the summits they conquered. As impressive as those exploits are, the real privilege of inspiration gained from explorers is their mindset on challenges, dreams and passions. In the essence of the explorers we idolize we are committed to seek and source the most exclusive materials in the world and bring them from mine to market bearing «The Arktous Promise» in mind.


On the path to greatness no journey is without obstacles.

Our hope and philosophy is to give you the possibility to emphasize the pinnacles of your journey. Our base bracelets are the canvas you need to start «drawing» a ‘map-of-meaning’ to manifest the many challenges and obstacles life throws at you as you go by. 


Our idols are selfless pioneers who courageously endure the obstacles thrown at them and who through dedication and sacrifice make our world somewhat better to live in.

Read more about our hopes and goals for the future



We truly believe that each and everyone of us are capable of changing the world to the better by being conscious about the choices we make.

Read more about Arktous promise to contribute to a better world.

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