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The Symbol of Arktous originates from The North Star and has been navigating humans through life for thousands of years.


Arktous (Arctos - a descriptor for species related to the northern polar region) was founded in Norway.

Men started wearing jewelry long before women did. Throughout history, men have worn jewelry for the purpose of displaying their social position, wealth, affluence and status. 


Historians believe that Neanderthals may have crafted the world’s first jewelry some 130,000 years ago. While Egyptians adorned themselves to secure a better future and to ward off evil spirits ancient Greek soldiers wore jewelry to battle. 
Ritual gifting was the basis of Viking society, Pirates and sailors wore jewellery as life insurance and it was the british nobility that started the heavy gold chain trend.

On the contrary we ask ourselves why it is that men of today wear less jewelry. Is it the lack of selection? Is there less need in our society for expression of individuality? We think there is a bigger need for expression of individuality and we aim to change that by creating high-quality jewellery. 


"Clothing and accessories are merely a medium of the wearer's inner force of expression"

Arktous was founded by Lasha Nebunishvili in 2018 aiming to change the men's jewelry category. 

“It all started with me asking myself why I wasn't wearing jewellery other than a wrist watch, even though we had been in the jewellery business for almost 10 years it had never hit me why I was creating and selling womens jewellery and not mens. Why was I not wearing any jewellery myself?

After many years of reasoning I came to the conclusion that there was nothing "out there" and in the jewellery business that catched my focus and awakened a desire within me. Nothing that really represented ME. Clothing and accessories are merely a medium of the wearer's inner force of expression, meaning that I believe what we wear is a mere reflection of our self reflection, we communicate how we'd like to be perceived consciously and unconsciously. So I became obsessed with creating jewellery that I'd be proud to associate myself with and that I would wear.

I believe that the reason why people in general in countries where wealth is distributed highly unevenly are obsessed with wearing gold jewellery and gifting gold jewellery is because of its symbolic value. I believe that the reason for giving gold jewellery as gifts has its roots in the basis that it is wealth and portraits wealth and that is why we call our jewellery “wearable wealth”. 


It feels natural to me to combine the nordic principles of “freedom of speech”, precious metal and precious gems because I think it is all about building character over time through full freedom in expression, just like precious metal and precious stones have been sculpted over time so is character. One can not build true character inside out if one's speech is limited.


"We are determined to create Jewellery that tell a powerful story"