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We are delighted to announce that Arktous has now created collection with the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland Ruby. 


With this collaboration we aim to take the next step in becoming a global jewellery brand for men, introducing men to high quality precious stones accompanied by gold and rough materials.


Greenlandic Rubies and Sapphires are ”Unearthed at a pristine mine site in Aappaluttoq [“Ah-puh-lu-tok”], Greenland, in corundum bearing rock that geologists believe is in the oldest rock formation on earth.


Above all we are especially proud to say that Greenland Ruby gems are mined by adhering to strict ethical, social, human rights, and environmental laws and responsible practices.


For more information visit;


Greenland Ruby is doing a very important job with Pink Polar Bear Foundation and we are committed to do our part.

We encourage everyone to support Greenland Ruby A/S in their work in supporting international polar research.


For more information visit;

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