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We are convinced that today's customers care passionately about the planet and human rights. When people today buy expensive jewelry, they will largely know where the individual components came from. We are therefore involved in all stages from design to production of our jewelry. We go to great lengths to obtain information about the procurement methods our suppliers use in connection with the collection of materials. We are physically present during the production of the gold components in our jewelry and all Arktous braided jewelry is braided by hand by us, in Norway.


We consider ourselves very lucky as the materials in our jewelry are 100% reusable. This contributes to the fact that we can to a large extent purchase "used" and help to minimize encroachment on nature as far as possible. Reusability plays an important role for us therefore we offer all our customers "service" on our braided jewelry so that the jewelry can be used for a long time.

Colored gemstones;

We are proud to say that the Ruby and Sapphire beads used in our braided jewelry come from Greenland and can be traced from "mine-to-market" (this is a guarantee we have received from our supplier, Greenland Ruby A / S).



The Kimberley Process Certification Forms (KPCS) are designed to certify the origin of the diamond. The KPCS was established in 2003 to prevent rebel groups from financing their acts of war by selling diamonds. Blood diamonds are prevented from entering the legal diamond market. This is an insurance policy for buyers, so that they know that their purchase does not finance war or human rights violations. According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), 99% of diamonds on the market today are conflict-free diamonds.

Precious metal;

We use only gold (with fineness 585/1000) in our jewelry as this gives us the opportunity to use `used gold` for the production of our jewelry and reuse the metal 100% in the production of new jewelry. We also have a repurchase program (`spot price-money-back-guarantee`) which will offer a spot price according to the current raw material price at the relevant time, minus 20% due to extraction of precious metal.

The Arktous promise, Our promise, to you;


We are against supporting processes that are destructive to humans or nature. Therefore, all our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free. This is a guarantee we receive from our suppliers, which is subject to the provisions of the Kimberley Process.

We will work to ensure that our gold and metals come from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria and In concert with our suppliers, commit to increased gold sourcing from recycled and secondary sources.


We guarantee that every braided piece we offer to you is designed and meticulously crafted in Norway by us to ensure you’re getting a one of a kind piece.

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