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For your jewelry to maintain it´s value and to be sent down generations we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Our lifetime guarantee covers: 
Broken or "sloppy" string  

A damaged lock or closure
(please note that our guarantee does not cover discoloration of beads).

Cracked beads:

Different rules apply for different category of Arktous beads, please see list below:

Precious metal:

we offer a "spot price money back guarantee" for damaged/replaced precious metal beads. Customer covers any additional or replaced precious metal bead. 


Rhodium plated gold beads:

Rhodium plating is not ment to last a lifetime, therefore we do not cover any discoloration of rhodium plated beads longer than 1 year.

precious gems beads:

Customer covers any additional or replaced bead such as Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.


Semi precious beads:

Free replacement of any cracked bead such as Onyx, Amethyst etc...

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